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We feature one of the first multidisciplinary pain management practices to be founded in the greater Milwaukee area. Our pain management physicians are certified by one or more recognized pain management boards, and each specializes in specific pain management techniques.

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Innovative Pain Care
Innovative Pain Care

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Pain Management Treatment Doctors

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Chronic pain comes in a variety of forms, which can have a notable effect on your everyday life, impacting your productivity, mobility, and mental & emotional well-being. Our pain care specialists are trained to identify and minimize pain caused by a variety of factors by narrowing down the nature and type of pain, as well as the cause and extent of a condition. The Surgery Center is one of the oldest pain management practices in the Greater Milwaukee area, with board certified pain management physicians who specialize in a variety of pain management techniques.

Common Pain Management Methods

Proper pain management requires an approach that considers both the physical and emotional implications of a chronic condition. Depending on the cause and nature of chronic pain, there are a variety of pain management tools available for consideration:


Medication is one of the most common tools in the pain management toolbox. The type and strength of medication will vary depending on the cause and intensity of a chronic pain condition, but here are some common chronic pain medications:

  • NSAIDs – NSAIDs are Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs such as Ibuprofen or Aspirin.
  • Acetaminophen – Commonly known in the over-the-counter form, Tylenol.
  • Antidepressants – Can be used to improve quality and length of sleep, in addition to alleviating pain.
  • Steroids – Can be used to alleviate inflammation, a common source of chronic pain.
  • Anti-Seizure – Can be used to treat pain related to damage to the nervous system.


In addition to other pain management tools, therapy can be an integral part of a rehabilitation process. This commonly includes physical therapy and exercise to fortify and accelerate progress, but may also include emotional or cognitive & behavioral therapy to help cope with the stress and hardship that can come along with a chronic pain condition.

Milwaukee Board Certified Pain Management Doctors

The pain management doctors at The Surgery Center in Milwaukee are board-certified by some of the most recognized pain management boards in the country, including the American Board of Pain Medicine (ABPM) and the American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians (ABIPP). As one of the oldest and most recognized pain management clinics in the Greater Milwaukee area, including Franklin, Kenosha, Oak Creek and Racine, The Surgery Center is equipped to help you navigate your chronic pain conditions. Call us at (414) 761-2600, or visit us today to schedule an appointment!

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