Urology Treatment in Milwaukee

Urology is a medical specialty focusing on treatment of the male and female urinary organs and the male reproductive system. Our urological care offers the latest treatment of prostate problems by microwave therapy and urodynamic evaluation, outpatient prostate laser therapy, surgical treatment of prostate cancer by robotic surgery or seed therapy, laparoscopic surgery for kidney tumors, the latest incontinence treatment for women, microsurgical treatment of male infertility, and vasectomy.

Urology Treatment Doctors

Cicic, Arman D.O.


Board Certified Urologists in Milwaukee

The purpose of board certification in urology is to demonstrate that the specialists have undergone the appropriate amount of training prior to the exam and have significant knowledge of the urinary tract system to ensure patients receive the best care possible. Certification will not be awarded unless the physician demonstrates an expertise in all areas of urology, including specialty fields. Board certification is only granted after the urologist successfully passes a through review of their credentials and complete multiple oral and written examinations.

Additional Certifications for Urologists

Fellowship opportunities allow urologist to further their training by focusing on sub-specialty areas of study. During a doctorate fellowship program, the physician will conduct research in a supervised setting while also completing extensive clinical training. Fellowship positions open to urologists may include Advanced Robotics, Advanced Endurology, Kidney and Pancreas Transplant, and Reconstructive Urology. Urology fellowship programs last an average of two years.

Finding a Urologist in Milwaukee

Are you searching for a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based urologist? We have a staff of highly trained urologists available at Milwaukee Urology Specialists and Aurora Medical Group Urology Specialists. Give us a call today for more information. We also serve patients from Franklin, Kenosha, Oak Creek, Racine and nearby communities.

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